Sunday, May 15, 2011

The ''Daddy'' phase

For the last 2 weeks or so, Noah thinks girls are not cool, and only wants boys. Which means Maman is so out and Papa is the coolest. As much as it breaks my heart that he wants nothing to do with me, I secretely kinda enjoy it! G does most baths, bedtime, playing, and he's exhausted! He usually helps A LOT with Noah, but right now it's almost just him and he's not used to it. The reason I like it is , not only do I get a HUGE break, but also because it makes G realise how hard it is being ''the Mommy''.

Today he looked at me and said ''OMG I love him but I'm kinda looking forward for everything to go back to normal''. To which I responded that it's only been two weeks for him, as opposed to almost two years for me and he's already tired of it. I think it really helped him understand why I snap sometimes, why I sometimes just need a ten-minute break just so I don't go completely crazy. So all in all, the Daddy Phase is a good thing, but I still can't wait to have my little man back, in the meantime, I'll enjoy the extra free time!

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